A gold-plated Gillette Milord 1940, very rare and superbly efficient. This version was produced only for a few months in 1940 before WWII. This Milord is identical to the nickel plated Gillette Ranger (unnotched, no end caps) - see http://mr-razor.com/Rasierer/One-Piece%2...%20bar.htm. The later models of Milord (notched, with end caps) are, in fact, gold-plated Super Speeds. The Milord 1940 is a great, great shaver. Naturally, after so many years the plating of this vintage razor has some relatively minor deficiencies (shown in the photos), but, in general, the razor looks great and shavers like a champion. Selling only because I now use single-edge razors alone. Asking $33, shipped in CONUS. Additional pictures are at https://imgur.com/a/3oeWn.
[Image: 4hITPqU.jpg][Image: sWwnllp.jpg]

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