Mexico City
Selling a cased Gillette Fatboy F4

The razor works perfectly with no blade misalignment.

The case has a broken hinge as you can see in the pictures.

And the razor has some spots were the plating is gone as you can also see in the pictures.

Yours for $75 includes worldwide shipping

[Image: XE0nOm4.jpg]

[Image: CpLAmIG.jpg]

[Image: ZUznfJF.jpg]

[Image: p97jV3Q.jpg]

[Image: k6fIuNa.jpg]

[Image: eRNRE8Q.jpg]

[Image: o6KQfnf.jpg]

[Image: QwXTirT.jpg]

[Image: VGcRIm6.jpg]

[Image: EleUWGH.jpg]

[Image: cvb2xWv.jpg]

[Image: yHsCtxK.jpg]

[Image: XaBlWyj.jpg]

[Image: VXhsDdr.jpg]

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