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ALL SOLD*****Newly released Gamechanger .68 OC in new condition; Simpsons Duke 1 in Best Badger; Cashmere Synthetic and Badger of unknown brand.

GC — $50 shipped
Duke 1 — $35 shipped
Other brushes free to first buyer
[Image: 8kv3fpo.jpg]

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More pics to follow[Image: I9qLDKm.jpg]
[Image: t2cGNcy.jpg]
[Image: CwGKgvt.jpg]
[Image: DRjDdFB.jpg]

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[Image: e9Zbbnk.jpg]
Gray box for the Duke
[Image: ndQGUGh.jpg]

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Let’s bump this price down to $90 for the lot.
Morning Bump
Final price reduction — $80 shipped

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