Vancouver, WA USA
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Please put the item(s) you are interested in purchasing or trading for in the subject line of PM for easy sorting and communication!

I have been hooked by my new straight razor obsession. I have an extensive collection of double edge razors and while I'm sure I'll still use them in the future, I don't need the inventory that I have accumulated. I am offering most of my modern razors for sale or trade. For trades I am mainly interested in excellent condition 6/8" + straight razors, but natural hones and rare shaving brushes could be of interest as well. Pricing includes paypal fees and US Shipping, no international shipping will be offered this time. Multiple items purchased will receive a $5 discount on each item beyond the first as well as a bonus gift. Please PM me if you are interested with the item(s) you are interested in clearly stated in the subject line for organizational purposes. All items are in very good condition or better with light signs of use.

[Image: zFO0oLc.jpg]
Left to Right:
Original Release Wunderbar (retail 130) $110 SOLD
Original Release Black Mamba (130) $110 SOLD
Bevel Razor (awesome mild & efficient) (50) $30
V1 RazoRock Slant aluminum (130) $100 SOLD

[Image: pJ52Jga.jpg]
Standard Razors Aluminum (retail $70) $45
Original Release Baby Smooth (40) $30
PAA Prototype Double Open Comb (aggressive aluminum model) (100) $85 SOLD
PAA Prismatic (25) $20 SOLD

[Image: iBOFyDR.jpg]
Top then bottom left to right:
Muehle R89 Grande in original Muehle stand (Retail $80 total) $45 TRADED
Vintage Adams Head (moderate wear, but good physical condition) on stainless handle $20 SOLD
Generic Safety Bar Head on Stainless Handle $15
Matador Safety Bar Toro Mastiff ($35) $25 SOLD

[Image: J1lSSnv.jpg]
Soap Lot $20!
Queen Charlotte Vetiver Shaving Cream ~50% remaining
Grooming Dept. Voyage ~20% remaining
RazoRock Tuscan Oud ~30%
DR Harris Windsor ~70%
Meissner Tremonia Lavender Sample NEW

SOLD Listings:
Penhaligon's English Fern 100mL SEALED directly from Pens. I stocked up a couple years ago when I heard it would be discontinued, which it wasn't. (Retail $130) $50 each (3 available) ALL SOLD!
Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime Cologne 100mL and Balm 50mL (Retail $82) $35 SOLD
C&E Neroli Cologne NEW (discontinued) ($50) $20 SOLD
C&E Bergamot NEW (discontinued ($50) $20 SOLD
Giesen & Forsthoff #1360 Open Comb and Safety Bar Razor Set with Olivewood Handle, Made in Germany (retail $89) $65 SOLD
Hone Type 15A (aluminum) (retail $110) $85 Traded
Matador Open Comb Elegante ($27 retail) $20 SOLD
Ikon X3 Slant Head on Toro Mastiff Handle ($40) $30 SOLD
Ikon 102 Slant on Aluminum Fat Cat custom handle ($45) $35 SOLD
RazoRock 37 on stainless handle ($20) $15 SOLD
Fragrance Oil Lot - These are fun and I bought several and am keeping most. These all have some kind of oud, sandalwood, and/or floral combination going on. (Retail $25) $10 for all five SOLD

Vancouver, WA USA
Lots of stuff has sold, still plenty of good deals left. Updated list

Vancouver, WA USA

Vancouver, WA USA
All items are shipping out today. If you didn't receive tracking information please get in touch with me so I can get it for you manually.

Vancouver, WA USA
PAA Prototype, Adams razor and gold Matador Toro Mastiff have sold.

I am willing to wheel and deal on remaining items if more than one item is purchased. Single item purchases are firm.

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