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I am the second owner of this brush . It has only been lathered once by me and about a dozen by the previous owner. Great brush but the handle is too small for me. Very soft but ample backbone due to high density of of knot. 26 mm x 53 mm. Lovely horn handle. Luxurious face feel. The WSP logo has come off. This is a new 2017 version brush. It has been said that it bears similarities to the Plisson HMW. I cannot attest to this since I’ve never owned a Plisson. Retail is 169.00. I’m asking 149.00 shipped. Now reduced to 139.00

[Image: d43478ab20aed53cba3fc2d37ebbae99.jpg]

[Image: a82410a33b7a956487b1bb78f0acb325.jpg]

[Image: e59e84032a1400f05476ae8559ac058a.jpg]

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reduced to 95.00
Still available

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