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For sale CONUS and PayPal payment of $200, D4 Fatboy in Rhodium.
I have only used it couple times since I received. I’m preferring the executive fatboy knurling. Superb mechanics, opens and closes better than most. Blade gap is correct and even. Last lock turn is solid also. Only blemish I could find is 2 small dings on one silo door, which was there before plating. Picture 3 is the best angle I got to view the dings. They are cosmetic and don’t affect the functionality.
[Image: 84ca5cd3210a7f6d195a147488ce34d8.jpg][Image: 6d12bd953aacae73b96e665becd49a61.jpg][Image: ad392fe4faaed06627a32e5e7b8f0602.jpg][Image: 0ae973149c7c45ff8e5a8f6b7c1df6ff.jpg][Image: a40cd8b5e40754c07532de25dd978a35.jpg][Image: 2507dec65c934f52475dff4e806a1236.jpg]

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