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Clearing out the den and selling some nice, inexpensive brushes - used VERY sparingly (the Cashmere not at all). All prices include shipping within the US. Happy to combine brushes...

Stirling Finest Badger 24mm Fan - $25

Cashmere brush - red - I think Razorock... $20

Plisson LA MAISON DU BARBIER synthetic brush. Super soft tips and creates an amazing lather. $25

Muhle Synthetic size S (19x46) - Retail $58 - comes with case. $25

Stirling Synthetic 2-band brush - 24x56mm - $15 shipped

Yaqi High Mountain White Badger brush. Densely packed 24mm, nicely broken in, does not shed. Retail $46. SOLD

[Image: EP2MyqD.jpg]

[Image: aKX4XQH.jpg]

[Image: hZBQVkd.jpg]

[Image: daF4R1o.jpg]

[Image: 3Ccrf73.jpg]

[Image: UdeDXN4.jpg]

[Image: FCqJkrR.jpg]

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added a Yaqi badger brush....
Yaqi, Plisson, and Cashmere brushes sold!
Stirling synthetic added...

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