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Two beautiful brushes that I acquired in a trade. Haven’t been lathered . Asking for 105.00 each shipped or take both for 200.00.  

Lime Green Geoff Anderson brushes with a 26 mm Shavemac 2 band in bulb. Excellent condition.

Rudy Vey L7 in cream stripe. Also with a 26 mm Shavemac 2 band. Excellent condition .

[Image: 6fa2e2a9281dea0a5bead2c298e7ba75.jpg]

[Image: 244b1693728a99ce914b613fd364f19c.jpg]
[Image: 0916ff103c2bc9ab706c024b79bad304.jpg]
[Image: c0b0d8f1cc6b01838ea5242e328e651e.jpg]

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Price drop to 95.00 each or 175.00 for both. Insanely low price on this type of quality. Lets give them a new home!
I'm open to trade offers as well
Geoff Anderson lime green has sold

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