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Hey all,

Looking to sell my PRC Sprite and strop. I bought this and barely used it, just can’t do straights.

Black Scales With Ivory Wedge and Portland Razor Co Leather Stop With Pasted Canvas.

This straight razor was used only twice and then oiled and put away in the wool pouch. Strop has been used a few times on another razor and some knives. A few nicks in the leather as can be seen in the pics. Overall great shape with minimal use.

Asking $199 shipped in the US.

From PRC when these were available:

This straight razor from Portland Razor Co. is “The Sprite". The blade is 2" long. The black acrylic scales are held together with brass pins.The blade is high carbon 01 steel that is oil quenched and tempered to 62 HRC.

Before the razors are shipped they are honed to 12K Grit and are shave ready when they arrive.

[Image: a12830d336c3951fc398794dcbe4d579.jpg]

[Image: d15cebae339df384bcc89109b34e6408.jpg]

[Image: d8a83311f14cb54c8c9f31f6f809dd12.jpg]

[Image: 320ce5731008e5b83533a18ee7430800.jpg]

[Image: 0ee5e9a678e5fa18ab363160ac0a4ef0.jpg]
This guy is sold.

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