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I'm also very open to trade offers. I'd be interested in trades for SV Manna aftershave, RR Mudder Focker, Stirling Port au Prince soap, Krampert's Frostbite soap, B&M products, brushes, razors, I'll consider whatever you want to offer, really.

If CONUS and buying one item, add $3 for shipping. If buying 2+ items I will pay all shipping.

If outside of the U.S. contact me for a shipping estimate.


24mm "Fauxmere" synthetic knot set in a lathe-turned faux-ivory handle. $17

Shaving Soaps:

SOLD LA Shaving Soap Co. Topanga Fougere, ~90%, $16 SOLD

WSO Zaro (light fougere scent), discontinued, I think. $12

SOLD RazoRock XXX, black tub, lathered once, $8 SOLD

SOLD Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic, 95+%, $10 SOLD

Aftershave balms:

Hardy Shave Products Lavandin balm, ~85%, discontinued, $10

RazoRock Zi'Peppino balm, used once, $8

Or take the whole lot for $75 including Priority shipping to the U.S.

[Image: 2df5a447ace18897a56955e8b7178240.jpg]

[Image: 3194b001f0eb256960e813247838bc04.jpg]

Thanks for looking!

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