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Hey guys...I am clearing out some soaps, many are nearly new. The MdC soaps include all boxes and paperwork. Prices include shipping to CONUS via USPS Priority Mail. Let me know if you have any questions...thanks!

Martin de Candre (MdC) Rose = $48 (SOLD)
Martin de Candre (MdC) Vetyver = $48 (SOLD)
Barrister & Mann SET Promises (LE) = $36 (SOLD)
Barrister & Mann SET Reserve Classic = $32 (SOLD)
Tallow + Steel Sicily V3 Base = $24 (SOLD)

Everything has now SOLD...thanks for looking!

[Image: XkkL2vM.jpg]
[Image: sp8Aygv.jpg]
[Image: KDQBFHd.jpg]
[Image: EZHFXex.jpg]
[Image: YS40Vx9.jpg]
[Image: 9cROQ9e.jpg]

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