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First is 1980 A1 Super Adjustable in near perfect condition. NorthShoreRazor Satin red and black Chrome. Blade gap is even and perfect, doors open and close as they should also.
[Image: 9b428f7b716c9613c51a36f3a8a6e401.jpg][Image: da91b4e7b3e9f20989942d78f7ff8e16.jpg]
Second 1958 D4 Fatboy that has been ReVamp with rhodium. I have only used it 4 times since it returned to me. Only minor imperfection is there are 2 small dings on one silo door. This was the condition before revamp and is only cosmetic and does not hurt the function of the razor. I tried my best to photograph it in picture
[Image: 3961f1a1a73a0d5da86fdda5e5e77e5b.jpg][Image: 891f846306c5afd79eaefee6e59a31c5.jpg][Image: efa2f992ffccaaef07439d414244fea3.jpg][Image: a50aa927cf873c61121b254058860fe7.jpg][Image: 390ce2cf5ee063c84d76b8d00fe75e86.jpg]

Third 1959 E2 just back from Tune-up.
[Image: 263f1c39709f393b56e4a3dd89c56c8a.jpg]

Multiple item purchase discount available.

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Some sweet looking razor there!

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(08-21-2018, 03:30 PM)NurseDave Wrote: Some sweet looking razor there!

Ya just got them. Then my wife’s grandfather passed so I inherited couple of his Executive. So need to make room and $$ to fix some.
——E2 SOLD——

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D4 Rhodium reduce $175

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