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Portland, OR
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For Sale (PayPal/CONUS) or trade:

BRUSH SOLD Whipped Dog Synthetic Brush

Resin handle. Knot diameter 24mm/Loft 66mm (retail $24 shipped). Larry's (at WD) description: “This high quality synthetic knot has the softness of a silvertip and the body of a pure grade badger hair knot.” Used just a few times, presents as new.  

$20 shipped

Mystic Water Soaps

Mystic Water Maestrale, new, 4 oz. (retail $11.32 + shipping)
Mystic Water Oatmeal Stout, 95% of 4 oz. ($11.32 + shipping)
Mystic Water White Tea and Ginger, 90+% of 4 oz. ($11.32 + shipping)

$25 shipped

If you have a new or slightly used Grooming Department tallow soap, I am open to an equitable trade for either the brush or soaps.

Please just PM, as I won’t be checking the thread. Thank you…

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