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For sale is a rare Dubl Duck Goldedge in mint condition, labelled as 6/8 but measures 13/16, full hollow, blade centers perfectly. It is shave ready to my standard. Selling for US$250 shipped US/Canada.

[Image: 994d5f35b8dea20fb2f9758ad0fdef39.jpg]
[Image: d23639bfec53edd94f6383e9aaffcece.jpg]
[Image: 7e7ae20d86085d63bb5f5c11909b6e38.jpg]

Yaqi Red Marvle Tuxedo brush, 26mm knot. This is brand new. Bought this as a spare brush but don’t need it anymore. US$20 shipped US/Canada.

[Image: e8e8fc85f5b305c83108f99f8761e512.jpg]
Beautiful duck

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