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Dovo 98 5/8 Buffalo Horn - 140USD incl. tracked worldwide shipping

Retails for around 240-300USD, no box. No signs of hone wear on the blade, the goldwash is in excellent condition.

[Image: hRowVhX.jpg]
[Image: 5Pssze5.jpg]
[Image: A01vrjc.jpg]
[Image: u6UYf2P.jpg]
[Image: 8rOjYq6.jpg]
[Image: EoZut4P.jpg]

Dovo 41 Inox/Stainless GENUINE Mother of Pearl - 450USD incl. tracked worldwide shipping

The scales on this one are GENUINE MOP in a single piece, not glued, not on a liner.

Not produced anymore, according to info from Dovo due to global warming and the required Pinctada maxima not growing that big anymore.

The blade is in like new condition (advantages of a stainless blade). No box.

[Image: Plisrdh.jpg]
[Image: kB5j1OS.jpg]
[Image: f0sKUHu.jpg]
[Image: Ste5obl.jpg]
[Image: E3OB7UC.jpg]
[Image: rKwc0Gf.jpg]
[Image: lBkPlwr.jpg]

Fritz Bracht Tennis 80 5/8 NOS - 140USD incl. tracked worldwide shipping

Purchased in 1975, hasn't been used since. Original Box.

[Image: izg1hnh.jpg]
[Image: TQEkvCP.jpg]
[Image: Xbhq8cD.jpg]
[Image: kbRl753.jpg]

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