- Scotch and stove with the Maggard V3A grey plated head and standard Scotch and stove with dent in it but not in a spot that will affect the shave nor is the plating penetrated.

- Merkur Futur Clone in shiny black plating

- Brass coated in Gold twin cartridge razor and brush set

- Aluminum handle brush Synthetic

- Satin tip brush synthetic

- Gem razors 1912,1924 and TTO user grade on the plating, the 1912 have a bit of black blemish on the plating I think because I might went over board with the vinegar solution and has little brassing on the inside of the head.

- Lavender cream 4 pieces

- Razor and brush stand in black

Asking $65 shipped CONUS

[Image: IMG_1098_zpssxpsodpw.jpg]
forgot I was selling this lol... bump
bump and considering offers

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