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Den clearing to pay for the Paradigm razor that I was lucky enough to pickup.  The LPL soap and the brush have sold. I would like to sell the remaining two items as a lot for $24 shipped in the US.  

1. Le Pere Lucien - Oud Santal Soap 200gm, new, only opened to smell and it is very nice.  Retail $39.  SOLD

2.  Satin Tip "The Purest" Synthetic Brush.  Reminds me of a PJ2.  New.  Retails at $19 on Amazon. SOLD

3. Fine Accoutrements Lather Bowl.  Excellent condition and has some bonus Czech & Speake O&C in the bottom. Retail $25 (not counting the soap sample) plus shipping.  

4.  Blades Grim Smolder AS and Pre-Shave.  One fl oz each bottle, but used once.  Be aware that the bottles are big and only come 2/3 full new.  That's pretty much what they are now.  I think the scent matches the LPL soap selling above very nicely.  Set retails for $18.  

[Image: Mgqbvyr.jpg]
The LPL Soap and the brush are sold. I would like to sell the remaining items as a bundle (because of shipping).

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