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Looking to sell these items as a package

Asking price: 70,- euro's.

Shipping costs excluded; depends on your location. Shipping will be done from the Netherlands.

The razors are cleaned with dish soap and disinfected with Barbicide.

Fatip Piccolo mk2
Condition: as good as new. There are a few imperfections, but that's how the Fatip comes out of the box.

[Image: u2nq6TMUucMT3Jd2lAygiir0.jpg]

Mühle R89
Condition: as good as new.
Travel cap included.

[Image: rqaXwALpUO47SZAHJBt8CUUL.jpg]

Rapira Platinum Lux (90)
Used 10 of the blades myself.

[Image: OVGXk7Tj2Q0HYxIdlm60lFiN.jpg]

Proraso - TFS - Mama Bear's
Proraso: unused.
Mama Bear's: can't see anything is out.
TFS: used about half a centimeter.

[Image: CBhMkaIvo3Eea57jUXUHso9s.jpg]

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