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**Father's Day Sale and Clearance!!!**

I know, it's tomorrow already. But, this is more so in honor of the dad that treats himself when he deserves it. No matter what month it is! Smile

(No, you do NOT need be a father to enjoy this sale.)

Right now there are quite a few scents on-board with multiple hold options, so I would like to make some room for my next round of Summer Scents, some Specialty Smells, and my own creations!

*-Standard Line-*
Currently available(*) scents are shown in Picture #1, all scent inspirations are listed out on our page or here's it all together. For hold, you have the choice of our (New) standard medium, firm, or heavy. And that's in any Standard Line Scent! ( unless stated otherwise)

(Note: some scents have older top labels that do not allow me to mark a hold like our new ones do. You are always free to choose your hold, however the top label of some scents may or may not reflect that choice without modification)

- TF-FF: Tom Ford Fu#%ing Fabulous
- Corona Sport: Polo Sport
- Royal Vintage: Creed Millisime Imperial
- Acqua Dark: Acqua di Gio Profumo
- Rolled Oud: Tom Ford Tobacco Oud
- The Moves: Adidas Moves
- BN9-TEX: Bond No.9 Texas (*)

(*)only 1x BN9-TEX is "Currently Available" (Factory Seconds $12.75 Shipped)

Retail Price $15.25 Shipped.
**NOW $13.75 SHIPPED**

*-Premium Line-*
The result of our collaboration with the Wet Shave Artisan and Independent Perfume House Barrister and Mann. These scents are like nothing available from anywhere else! And since this is premium, you will get in our more typical OB formulas an increased amount of Lanolin and Roasted Walnut Oil over the quantity already in our Standard Line.

Beyond that, a couple of these are currently available in our popular "Easy Out" Firm Hold Oil Base. This base is like very few out there; the inclusion of Emulsifiers and Surfactants into an already rich OB formula make it soft to scoop, easy to break down and apply, and most of all: Easier to wash out of the hair!

- Vespers (Firm Prem. OB): a rich, complex, and sweet scent (Mousse de Saxe, Cranberry, Cardamom, Rose, Cedar...) amazing on cooler days or nights outside.

- Le Grand Chypre (Firm Prem. OB): deep, crisp, and resinous (Bergamot, labdanum, Lime, Patchouli, Peach...) *only 1 jar remains!*

- Behold The Whatsis (Heavy Prem. OB): sweet, ethereal, and playful (Tangerine, Rose, Grapefruit, Fresh Laundry, and Sugar Cookie)

- 42 (Heavy Prem. OB or Easy Out Firm OB):
Wonderful yet indescribable (Black Tea, Petunias, Ambergris, and Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster aka Lemon Sugar)

- Citricuya (Easy Out Firm or Firm Prem. OB): The most beautiful Fougere scent ever! Bright, Green, and perfect for Summer (Blood Orange, Passion Fruit, Pink Pepper, Pear and Galbanum Oil.) Trust me, it's not a sweet fruit scent but a lively green scent with fruit to brighten it.

Retail Price $22.50-$27.50 Shipped
**NOW $21.25 SHIPPED!!!**

To order, please comment below and message me either here or on my BrewCity Grooming business page!!

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