Zenith Extra Large Manchurian with Resin Handle M2 Retail price $91
Sale price $63 free shipping Conus.
Wonderful brush Like new in box used 1x. My loss is your gain. Brush has excellent backbone with a touch of scritch but my skin is too sensitive and I need gel tips which a lot of people do not like.
This is a faux ivory handle made out of resin. It has a big 28 mm Manchurian two band badger knot in it. Loft is set at 51mm. Total weight is 82 grams for the brush.[Image: 65f45b1a4b7d32e1caf3260bb4a38e73.jpg][Image: ae577cfd762be85cad2ebd78d1625fd8.jpg][Image: f30ceafc24df258a39d3f35a25ea092d.jpg][Image: 3696e03b5dba2622ca046a92ef0205bc.jpg][Image: 57349b8edec4a1cf57d6b1cb93c0ce29.jpg]

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