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OeI Brian Brian barber notch 6/8 razor with white G10 scales and turquoise wedge. I used this twice and stropped on an Heirloom strop. Stored outside of the bathroom in a silicone sleeve (not included). I have found I like heavier blades.
I paid $199 plus shipping. I am asking $140 shipped to the US.

Heljestrand No31 I acquired off eBay as shave ready. It appears to be very sharp with minimal corrosion etc but I have not used it. It is a little smaller than I care to use. I am asking $50 shipped to the US.
No Trades please.

I am fairly new to straight razors and don’t hone or refresh blades yet. These may not be shave ready to your standards but were not abused in any way.

[Image: 574GU8j.jpg][Image: tNRFCnT.jpg][Image: p0e72g9.jpg][Image: 1kmeWRY.jpg][Image: lLdeOHc.jpg][Image: lgmecXB.jpg][Image: sVAJhQC.jpg][Image: 3HWg3V6.jpg]

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Brand new Riga Razor 6/8 barber notch with approx 63.5mm blade made from Bohler R100 carbon steel. I am asking $160 shipped.

Brand new Drew Dick 7/8 1/4 hollow with Kirinite honey noir scales. I am asking $160 shipped. The razor is marked with the DD logo. This pic was taken during production.

[Image: 0U6cyvx.jpg]
[Image: 9Xvjx8e.jpg]
[Image: VAlsVVE.jpg]

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Some beautiful items. The Riga and Kanayama are tempting.

"Pic taken during production" ..Is the DD finished?
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The DD is in my possession. I didn’t take updated photos of it. Only had it about a week. I will post some new pictures this afternoon after work.

The razor is actually a 1/4 hollow. It also looks smudged up due to the oil on the blade.
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Beautiful razors!! GLWS!!!

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Only the RigaRazor and Drew Dick straights remain
Price drop on the RigaRazor and Drew Dick
RigaRazor sold
Drew Dick available $150 shipped to the US.

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