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I am thinning the collection a little and would like to offer these to forum members.

Most razors have little to no use. Any flaws will be noted in the listing. If you would like additional pictures please let me know.

All prices include shipping within the US and associated fees. I will consider International sales; however, actual shipping costs will have to be calculated.

I will consider trade offers. I am currently looking for the following:

1) Paradigm 17-4
2) Barbaros TR-2 Polished
3) Wolfman Titanium Head

Thanks for looking!

[Image: Q5kTIEl.jpg]

1) Razorock Mamba w/ Barberpole Handle - SOLD
2) Razorock Babysmooth in Black - SOLD
3) Razorock Black Hawk V1 (Aluminum) (Discontinued) - $45

[Image: 0HV86YH.jpg]

1) Rockwell 6c White Chrome  - $39
2) Rockwell Inkwell Stand Gunmetal - $15
3) Rockwell 6c Gunmetal  - $39

[Image: iaVS7TZ.jpg]

1) Ikon Shavecraft Tech w/ Bull Handle - SOLD
2) Weber Polished Stainless Steel (Super Hard to get) - $175
3) Detroit Grooming Company ALPHA - SOLD
4) Colonial General Aluminum - SOLD

[Image: WyfWH8E.jpg]
[Image: IbxviZ3.jpg]

1)Mergress XL Adjustable (Some plating lose as pictured. Does not impact shave. There are also some light scratches on the handle) - SOLD
2)Merkur Futur Adjustable -$50

[Image: Na10otC.jpg]
[Image: 5z8qLek.jpg]

1) Seygus Extrem w/ SB and OC Base Plates - SOLD

[Image: cVJshjR.jpg]

1) Karve by Christopher Bradley w/ E & F plates & 3" Handle (Custom Polished) - SOLD

[Image: nC3hgvf.jpg]

1) Timeless Bronze SB (.38) - SOLD

[Image: RGAPIaE.jpg]

1) Timeless OC (.68) w/ Smooth Cap and 100mm Plaid Handle - $165

[Image: BPDkFST.jpg]

1) West Coast Shaving Midnight Collection 110B - $20
2) West Coast Shaving Midnight Collection 175B - $20
Nice razors. Sent PM on Seygus. GLWTS

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Many great items at great prices. If I didn’t already own two Ikon Shavecraft Techs, I’d be all over that soon-to-be-unobtainium masterpiece...
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Pm sent for Ikon Tech
Price Reductions applied. Big Grin

NOTE: All prices include shipping and fees.
Bump....with another price reduction! Smile

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