Up for sale or trade are a couple of high end items and a few odds and ends. This sale is going to be a la carte. You can pick and choose and you pay the first $3.50 of shipping. Combine two or more items and your shipping is still $3.50, I’ll cover the rest.

Photos of the stuff

Lot 1: Declaration Grooming Santal Auster. Soap has been lathered once. Splashes used 1-2 times. For this lot you get the soap and your choice of toner or splash. The soap and your choice are $67.50 After that the remaining toner or splash is $26. Combine all three for $88.50.

Lot 2: Stubble Buster Lot. Splash used twice, soap scooped twice. This scent is a dupe of Dior’s Fahrenheit. Plenty left. $10.40

Wholly Kaw King of Oud Toner: This has been used less than five times. $15.60

Chatillon Lux Bon Vivant Toner: This has been used once. $10.40

Aftershave samples: The Clubman samples have been sprayed once each. The Stirling Sandalwood was used once and so was the Agar. All of them have been opened. $6.24

Items I’m interested in for trades: Razorock Game Changer .84 base plate, Wholly Kaw Merchant of Tobacco Toner or balm, Declaration Grooming Contemplation Splash, Declaration Grooming Bandwagon soap, Chatillon Lux Fourth and Pine Toner. Not looking for brushes at this time.

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