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Looking to reduce my den to help scrape some funds together to help for an engagement ring. Selling as a lot for $230 $215 $200 Shipped.
All soaps are brand new or have been lathered once for test scents (Black wrapped soap is 2016 Hallows), except for the items listed below:

B&M Cologne Russe 90%
B&M Dickens 85%
L&L Puzzle 70%

[Image: LBbWemK.jpg]

Price Drop
Pm sent
Price Drop
Interested in hallows, soapmakers of awesometown, and flora. Would you take 75 for those?

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PM and E-mail sent
Updated Soaps still available, $160 shipped.

[Image: Ti0tbc7.jpg]
Bump, still available $155
I’m interested in the CF. I’ll pm again
I’ll buy the Fletcher off you if you’re willing to split it from the lot!

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