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Clearing out some odds and ends from the den.

First Picture Group

1) Above the Tie S1 Baseplate.  This is the Slant solid bar baseplate.  The baseplate new is $59 on their website.  Selling this one for $40 CONUS.  Used it twice as I only use the S2 baseplate with this razor.

2) Blackland Dart Razor Head.  This full razor new is $99.  Selling the head for $65 CONUS.  Great mid-aggressive razor.

3) Karve Razor Brass baseplates.  The regular brass colored one is a D plate and the antiques brass one is an E plate.  Both of these are SB plates that will fit any of the Karve razors.  Selling each plate for $30 CONUS or $50 for both.

PM me if interested in anything.

[Image: 0c4f9f9e7a71462390205fc12ca251f8.jpg]
[Image: 36b3e16c9f964f31a8831562a6439a90.jpg]

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