North Carolina
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I'm cleaning out some shaving soaps that I don't use often.  Prices reduced.  Items as follows:
Stirling Soap Co. ~ Unscented with Beeswax ~ Used 2x.  $10
West Coast Shaving ~ Ocean ~ Brand new, never used.  $8
Taylor of Old Bond Street ~ Sandalwood in wooden bowl ~ Used 3x.  $18

Or all three soaps for $30

Flat $5 shipping for all three or $3.50 shipping apiece.

New Personna Double Edge Safety Blades approximately 90 ct.
I will also include 14 safety blades from different manufacturers from a sampler pack I purchased
. $7 SOLD.


Also, willing to trade for Feather Blades, Barrister & Mann soaps, or Soap Commander Soaps.

All prices include shipping and any PayPal fees, CONUS only.  Pay through PayPal or Venmo.


[Image: 3B0cglF.jpg]

[Image: qCgW9Kf.jpg]

[Image: uHtzXW2.jpg]

[Image: N8xuwb1.jpg]

[Image: 0MQFA0x.jpg]

North Carolina
The blades have sold.

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