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First person in Canada to order $75 or more gets free shipping Today!

Clearing out some of my lesser used items. I can provide close up pictures later tonight for anyone who needs them!
Ships from Canada. Not willing to break up soap sets currently unless you're buying a large set.

Prices do not include shipping - usually about $15 for a small box, usually arrives within 2 weeks to the USA. Will ship to Europe at buyers expense and risk.

Item--------------------------------------USD Price
Feather AS-D2 with stand--------------------------------------$165
Shavecraft Ikon 102--------------------------------------$25
Timeless .68, smooth cap, scalloped base, barber handle (matte) (with box)--------------------------------------$150
Gamechanger (new) (standard gap)--------------------------------------$55
Blackland Blackbird machined SB--------------------------------------$155
Blackland Sabre Gem Level 1 (matte, with box - some water marks)--------------------------------------$150
Blackland Dart (machined)--------------------------------------$85
Rockwell 6C--------------------------------------$35
Rockwell 6S (new - unopened)--------------------------------------$85
Simpson Best Badger X3--------------------------------------$45
Simpson 58 Manchurian Badger faux Ebony Marble (new)--------------------------------------$180
Envy Shave Brush (green aluminum)--------------------------------------$60
Dogwood Synthethic Hybrid 24mm--------------------------------------$55
Yaqi Evil Zebra--------------------------------------$13
That Darn Rob (Black, Silver, Blue, a little bronze)--------------------------------------$35
Semogue Excelsior 820--------------------------------------$12
Kent BK2 Pure Grey Badger--------------------------------------$50
Lowborn Supply Thermochromic Blood Shift (Black turning to red) 26mm Manchurian Badger--------------------------------------$90

Soap Set #1
B&M Adumbrare Set (new)
B&M Adagio (new)
Soapy Science Hanalei (new)
Stirling Coconut Lime (used 3x)

Soap Set #2
B&M 42 Set (Soap new, Splash used 3x (water damaged label))
New York Shaving Company Tonsorial Set (new)
B&M Reserve Spice (new)

Soap Set #3
B&M Sinfonia (new)
Chiseled Face Cinnawood Boroka Set (new)
Dr. Jon's 13 Special Edition (new)
Declaration Try This Soap (new)
Tabula Raza - Dezember (used a few times)

[Image: ubcI8gq.jpg]

Blood Shift Brush
[Image: f96903N.jpg]

[Image: plShfAr.jpg]

[Image: jZMcLR0.jpg]

That Darn Rob Brush
[Image: AakJ2im.jpg]

[Image: oEEuxER.jpg]

[Image: i62sY8m.jpg]

Dogwood brush
[Image: QfBVWdi.jpg]

[Image: 48ECnhe.jpg]
Lots of top knotch items. GLWTS.
Nice items and good prices. GLWTS.

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