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Some soap sets that I just dont use enough or have other sets with similar scents.

*NO TRADES! Have other hobbies to pay for... for once. lol*

CONUS Shipping is $5 for 1 set (Priority). 2 sets+ is 8.50$.

Payment with PayPal F&F (or add the 5% fee for goods and services)

Lather Bros Irish Cubano (GIT w/ tobacco note. AMAZING!) Set w/ balm. Unused: $20 *SOLD*

Stirling Island Man (Soap, Balm, Splash, Scented oil) all used 1x: 24$

B&M Lavanille Set (used 1x): 20 *sold*

GG Covfefe (special edition) soap used 1x & matching oil (only 1 made) used 1x. Includes PAA The Beach splash and Balm (used 1x) and a free Virgin Island Water-type splash: 25$

Blackship Shipwreck Cove Trifecta (used 1x) 22$

Stirling Bay Rum Soap, oil, and balm (used 2x) w/ discontinued Bay Lime splash (3/4 full): $23

TTFFC Play It Again Sam Set (amazing original cologne-type scent) used 1x: 20$ *SOLD*

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