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Den clearing! All prices include PayPal fees and shipping with tracking. 

1. Blackland Sabre L1 + 10GEM blades: $148 USD
2. Razorock SS Hawk V3 OC: $58 USD
3. Schick O-Clone and 9 twin blades: $48 USD

Below are items that are too costly to ship alone. Their prices have been dropped as such. 

1. Fatip Mk1: $15 USD
2. Ikon tuck away handle: $10 USD
3. 25 GEM Personna Blades: $5 USD
4. Shave soap samples: FREE
5. Shave oil: FREE

[Image: evrQvhK.jpg]
[Image: Tzu23hn.jpg][Image: uyPKJhL.jpg][Image: 296tePw.jpg][Image: jV32pUp.jpg][Image: E3XQx5h.jpg]
New items, price drops.
PM sent

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