Please keep negative pricing comments out of the threads. PM the user if you have an issue!

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PayPal fees and shipping CONUS is $8 regardless of the number of items purchased.  If you have any questions or would like additional pictures, just let me know.

Willing to trade - please refer to my “Den Clearance Part I – Soaps” thread for a list of FREE items and Trade “wants”

1. Shave Revolution PJ synthetic – 24mm(?) - $10
2. Shave Revolution PJ Silvertip – 24mm(?) - $30
3. Muhle Silvertip Fibre (19mm??? – retails for $58.50 at Maggard) - $25
4. Simpson – Duke 1 Best Badger (lathered less than 5x) (retails for $76 at Maggard) – $50
5. Whipped Dog handle with 30mm Silvertip - $30
6. PAA Rocket – 26mm synthetic (lathered 5x) - $5
7. Antique find blue-handle with boar knot – don’t know the knot size - $5
8. Omega Model 10049 Pro 49(???) Boar 27mm – (used 2-3x) - $3
9. Semogue Excelsior 2000 Boar – not sure of the knot size - $5

[Image: XG9EWX3.jpg]

[Image: oZ3cdqM.jpg]

[Image: 5lzttjz.jpg]
The Omega & Semogue are SPF
Several brushes still available
Amazing prices, good luck on your sale... Smile

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A bump for the weekend. I plan to withdraw the four Den Clearing listings on Monday as I won’t have time to get to the PO for the next couple weeks.

Feel free to make trade offers

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