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Up for sale are the following.

1) Declaration Guest Artisan B6 Carnavis & Richardson (C&R) (28x52) - $260 - SOLD

2) Rooney Stubby 2 Super Badger (27x42)- $195 - SOLD

3) Rooney Beehive 1 Super Badger (22x44) - $175 - $ 145

4) Paladin Chief Kansas City-London w/ Butterscotch Marble Handle - $190 - SOLD

5) Varlet Everset BH1 (NEW) - $160 - SOLD

6) B&M Roam Soap and Aftershave (Used one time and scoped) - $45 - $40

All brushes have been lightly used and properly taken care of. If you would like additional pictures please do not hestitate to ask...I am more than happy to accommodate.

Prices included shipping and associated fees. If you would like to use VENMO for payment I can knock off 3%.

I will ship International; however, there will be additional shipping cost.

Thanks for looking! Smile

[Image: PWFFlMG.jpg]
[Image: A3YAKeX.jpg]
[Image: hNOLTqc.jpg]
[Image: NokfCDw.jpg]
[Image: MOCjQij.jpg]
[Image: F74E6UX.jpg]
[Image: YBYdE4w.jpg]

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That C&R b6 is a great brush. Only 10 made!
PM sent
What is the knot size on the B6

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I have updated the listing and sent you a PM Castleshave. Smile

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Back to the top for consideration!
Price reduction and added photos of the beehive. Smile

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