i love lamp
CONUS only please, Shipping included. PayPal only. Add 3% for G&S or do F&F. Check my post history if have any doubts.
Won't be able to ship until Friday, just to forewarn.

B2 Wolf Whiskers $150 Sold Pending Funds
B3 Franklin Nebula 30mm $200
B6 C&R 28mm $250 Only one to have original box.
Soap Lot 1 - $135
Delor De Treget soap
Kaboom Set
Reserve Lavender soap
Mike's Coconut and Pine & Cedarwood pucks
Mike's/Oleo Coconut Aftershave
Grooming Dept Mallard
Chatillon Lux TSM Fougere Aftershave (80%) 4th & Pine Salve and Aftershave (Both 90%)
Caties Bubbles Irish Coffee
TDR/Oleo Collab Grounds n' Shaving - 2 soaps, 1 AS, 1 Balm

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Online for 1 minute and the WW is already gone?

i love lamp
I posted on Reddit a little bit earlier and is SPF through there. Only listed it cause it was in the pics.
Missed out, damn.


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i love lamp
Will let you know if it falls through
Great prices buddy!!

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i love lamp
Thanks man!
PM sent!

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A sublime wet shave is one of life's little joys! Happy Shaving!!

i love lamp
C&R and WW are sold

i love lamp
All brushes sold. Soap lot remaining! make an offer!

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