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Prices include worldwide shipping. I'm located in Southeast Asia, so to limit my shipping costs and move more stuff, here are the rules: You must choose one item in Column A and at least one item in Column B (more is fine). You can get multiple Column A items if you also get at least that many items from Column B. Make sense?

Edit: Lowered some prices. Also, if you only want Column B items and/or add-ons, let me know and we just need to figure out additional shipping.
Edit 2: Prices now reflect Paypal fees.

Shipping times can be unpredictable, in my experience anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks to the US. Add $15 if you'd like express shipping (1 to 2 weeks, in my experience). Any shipping delays are out of my control, but I've never had issues with items arriving safely.

Individual pics available upon request. Any other questions, just ask! Smile

Column A:

[Image: HzRUt07.jpg]

- Declaration B5 Washington ($195) SOLD
- Declaration B5 24mm on G_huck handle ($220 $210, so $216.58 Paypal G&S) - Resin and purple heart wood. Higher loft than the Washington with a nice splay.
- Declaration B6 26mm on custom Elite Razor handle ($240 $230, so $237.18 Paypal G&S)
- Charcoal Goods Lvl-2 Antique Brass ($220, $226.88 Paypal G&S)
- T+S Kyoto set ($60) - Used 3 or 4 times. Some water wrinkles in the side labels. SOLD
- T+S Shiva's Cognac set ($65, so $67.25 Paypal G&S) - Described as 95%+ when I got it. Used 2-3 times. Less than 100 of these were made exclusively for a French shaving forum.

Column B:

[Image: X9iSK9I.jpg]

- Wolfman Guerrilla ($190 $180, so $185.68 Paypal G&S)
- Thater 4125/1 2-band Fan ($110 $100, so $103.30 Paypal G&S) - Very soft with medium backbone and a little scrub, big splay.
- Sudsy Soapery Sandalwood & Myrrh set ($25 $22, so $22.97 Paypal G&S) - Used twice.
- Eufros Fougere set ($45) - Still at least 95% remaining. SOLD
- Karve A and B plates ($50 $44 or $22 each, so $45.62 or $22.97 Paypal G&S) - They arrived with some patina spots that I haven't bothered to polish out, shown in pics.
- Timeless .95 SB plate in matte finish ($50 $45) SOLD
- Yaqi 24mm Silvertip ($15) - Base of the handle is slightly slanted, shown in pics. SOLD

Extra Add-ons:

[Image: c4IheAY.jpg]

- Maggard 24mm synthetic ($5 free)
- Feather Popular ($5 free)
- Rockwell 6S razor stand (free) - Free cuz it was a gift. SOLD
- Random synthetic from Amazon (free) - Super soft, little backbone, but still can whip up a good lather.
- AOS small brush stand (free)
- WCS leather razor case (free)
Dropped a bunch of the prices, and some more things are now free for add-ons. Still a lot of great stuff up for grabs!
Shiva's Cognac, Timeless plate, and 6S stand are sold.

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