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Handle made my Brad Sears, knot done by Scott at Declaration. Little use. This is from Scotts first batch hair. Super incredible. 100% gel tips when wet, with solid backbone and flow. $200 pp

Not home at the moment, but specs are 28x50 if I recall. Ill double check later.

[Image: 9A28ED1F-0A89-4F6B-81F8-13959F9A19AE_zpsxzkwrhvq.jpg]

[Image: C397CDA6-65D1-4679-A56C-81A8625F7115_zpsjkrvf0ey.jpg]

$40 pp for both gillettes

[Image: C797CA52-AEB4-4AE8-B6F2-08B61C24B1F3_zpsh5rdst8s.jpg]

[Image: F7BD19D1-644B-45B3-AF6D-1D6F1890FA20_zpshe7ruo28.jpg]
If I wasn't saving for something else, I'd be all over that brush. What a beautiful handle.

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You would NEVER lose your grip with that handle! Very cool!
I'm lucky enough to have scored a knot from Scott's first batch and I can say that anyone purchasing this will not be disappointed.
thanks. The ivory marblng is pretty neat. cant really see in pics. Def an awesome brush. Only other hair that was as good or slightly better was Paladin first batch KC/London hair. I think Ken make 9 of those
Agree 100% about the KC-London Paladin Knots! The best knot I've ever had. Though the newest Paladin knots, from what I've heard, may be as good or better.
$180 shipped
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a few more pics. one was taken by scott when he set it.

[Image: 9ABA1D3D-00BF-4812-80B1-E9AC4A230C8B_zpswohrsq80.png]

[Image: AFEA2682-132C-4BD1-B313-0072D5F48195_zpstpxbe7sm.jpg]

[Image: 7B29D2B7-AEED-4D9D-946F-B20F8A65A7A3_zpsagm9dej3.jpg]
Someone buy this brush!!!

Too bad I'm saving for something else.
Yeah, that's a great deal.

The Declaration hair from batch 1 is better than 90 percent of the brushes I have tried.

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