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Good Afternoon Gents,

Prices include CONUS shipping. Priority sale goes to buyer of most items.

**SOLD** Mergress Long Handle (w/Box – used once, purchased from Lee’s Razors) $100
Maggards V3A head on Matador Handle $20
iKon 101 Head (NEW) $50
Stainless Handle (NEW) - $20
Feather Adjustable - (w/Box) $30
Polsilver SI - 100 pack $25 each

**SOLD** OC head (India – maybe Parker 26C?) on RR Radio Knob handle $15
Parker CC (EJ style head, but more aggressive) $15
Merk style head on Fine Handle $15
Merkur 34C $30
Merkur Progress SH $45
Merkur 38C $35

Thanks for looking!

[Image: Rfd1m8Q.jpg]
[Image: imYS2Bz.jpg]
[Image: E925gWz.jpg]
[Image: ue33yLa.jpg]

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