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[Image: nArKzv4.jpg]Chatillon Lux scents and DG/CL collaboration soaps are some of my all time favorite products. La Foret de Liguest however got the thumbs down from my wife so I am looking to move it on to somebody else’s den to enjoy.

On the block is the following:
CL La Foret de Liguest AS x 2
DG La Foret de Liguest soap
Sample of CL La Foret de Liguest EdC
Sample of CL Yuzu/Rose/Patchouli EdC.

The soap has been used twice. The LFdL and YRP EdC used once. The AS has never been used. Value of the entire lot is $70. I am asking $60 for the entire lot. Shipping is included. CONUS only.

I would be willing to sell the lot with only one bottle of the AS for $50. Shipping included.
Price reduction:
$55 for the entire lot
$45 for the lot with only one bottle of AS

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