Up for your consideration is Charcoal Goods antique brass set - $350
- wood box
- magnum handle hammered finish
- level 2 plate
- level 3 plate
- base (these are no longer produced)
- top cap

I have used this set at most 10 times.

PPFF or add fees. Will ship international but extra. CONUS shipping included in price.

Pm me with questions.[Image: cd62728f15fe4333ed6e8f97688ac02d.jpg][Image: f805a7db4d0b5ae0bab3fb9f977fbfe1.jpg][Image: ca54afe39d15194884e6e98c0ed6064a.jpg]

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pm sent.
Someone send Seller some Post-it notes so he doesn't have to keep reusing that blue one !


Nice charcoal set

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