I have a tub of Chiseled Face Rhino that has been lathered once and a EDT sample of Rhino from Zoologist
$50 shipped priority TYD[Image: l8bptFc.jpg][Image: thqRiw9.jpg][Image: OgNH9Je.jpg]

Also an unused bottle of Ogalla Bay Rum and Sandlewood aftershave and soap
$20 shipped priority TYD
[Image: WmJDza3.jpg][Image: jnspp47.jpg]

PP and shipped in the US only
If interested shoot me a PM
Pm sent
Rhino spf
If the rhino falls through, I'll take it
Rhino... the stuff of dreams!!! Big Grin

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(05-31-2017, 02:49 AM)EricM Wrote: Rhino... the stuff of dreams!!!  Big Grin

Frankly I'm shocked you missed it! Shocked I tell you!!
Ogallala soap & aftershave $17 TYD

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