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Good afternoon all,

Lots of soaps being posted but I thought I would add one to the mix.  Up for sale is a tub of Caties Bubbles 322 with AS splash.  This has been scooped 3 times, so no brushes in the tub. The is actually a cream rather than a soap.  If you have Darkfall or Ruds Suds it’s very similar in scent.  Price reduced to $45 $40, shipped within CONUS  I will ship to Canada, but you pay the shipping dollar for dollar (minus $4 US).  PM with your interest.

If you have a mint condition Asylum RX you are willing to Trade for the soap, I will send you the soap AND $110 US.

Let me know!

[Image: psergXg.jpg]
But it was scooped three times, you say? Let's see the scoops.
(02-26-2018, 03:21 PM)BoarderPhreak Wrote: But it was scooped three times, you say?  Let's see the scoops.

Anywho..Price drop!
(03-01-2018, 10:40 PM)Hardtop01 Wrote: Anywho..Price drop!

I'll pass. That looks ill.
though the cream looks less than appealing, it performs fantastically and its smell is among my three most favorite vetiver-scented soaps/creams.

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(03-01-2018, 11:34 PM)BoarderPhreak Wrote:
(03-01-2018, 10:40 PM)Hardtop01 Wrote: Anywho..Price drop!

I'll pass.  That looks ill.

This comment is completely uncalled for, BoarderPhreak.  If you are not interested then just move on.

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I don't agree with Border much but he wasn't wrong on the issue just how he worded it.

OP, I would suggest grabbing a small rubber spatula and smoothing out that soap. I bought a lot of various soaps a few weeks back that were beaten up. I used the spatula to get them tradable or at least easy enough on the eyes to possibly use.

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So here is the thing. If I pat it down, the comment regarding how many scoops I removed becomes an issue. I can see the second message now;

“How do I know you only took three scoops?” Valid question since I have smoothed it all out. The picture illustrates on thing and one thing only, a soft cream with 3 Scoops missing, that’s it.
I doubt it. Pat it down. Tell buyers that it wasn't brush loaded but 3 scrapes for shaves were removed. Look at picture for soap levels.

Thats it. I mean one scoop for one guy could be a .25 ounce while another takes half a tub.

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