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[Image: bPgDDib.jpg]
[Image: 4irHx9F.jpg]
[Image: tDXmdsy.jpg]
[Image: H7VsD7t.jpg]
[Image: ldpalAj.jpg]

Top Row left to right:

*Redleaf A4 best badger $140

*Simpson 58 best badger $150

*Redleaf B16 super badger $150

*Simpson KH2 best badger $150
  has tiny hairline crack on top where the
 knot is, comes with original box.

Bottom Row left to right:

*Simpson 46 best badger $90

*Simpson 46 best badger $75

*Baton 63030 brush $25

*Simpson Case best badger $70

*Redleaf best badger $50

Prices include shipping to CONUS address only. I can send more photos upon request.

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Nice. Good luck with sale.

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