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Shipping is $5 flat regardless of how much you buy.
ConUS only. No overseas shipping. Payment preferred by Venmo or PP (F/F)

Please comment here as to what you'd like to buy and also send me a PM. I'll mark things sold as and when that happens. Will also be adding additional items here.

Thanks, Sanjay

DR Harris soaps (Arlington Marlborough, Windsor) in bowls. At least 90%. $18 bucks each

New DRH refill pucks $12 each

New DRH Shave Sticks $10 each

Penhaligon's (3x) $45

Martin de Candre Agrumes (2-3x) $65

Klar Seifen SPORT (5x) $18

CF Civet and Nightingale (3-4x each) $24 each

B&M Le Grande Chypre (4-5x) $18

B&M Leviathan (about 40% remaining)- Free with any purchase over $50 - whoever asks for it first

Santa Maria Novella (3x) $55

Timeless polished 68 gap razor with stand - excellent condition. stand has faint scratches on bottom. Razor is pretty much immaculate. Scalloped head and plate with 100mm barber pole handle. Original owner. Used maybe 10 times. Original cost $280 Selling for $225

[Image: VpEdxar.jpg]
[Image: s2Twbun.jpg]
[Image: X6N65aq.jpg]
[Image: yxHFiiy.jpg]
[Image: FZ1fl4j.jpg]
[Image: IZAFlz8.jpg]
[Image: qSBtjZk.jpg]
[Image: itWvVcz.jpg]
[Image: KNpSM5X.jpg]
[Image: o7mMLfX.jpg]
- Sanjay

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What scent is the Penhaligon's?

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Hello, It's the Blenheim Bouquet
- Sanjay

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