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Recently I acquired a few too many brushes, and am letting some of my collection go. I set the knots in all of these brushes and lathered them only a couple of times. All brushes are in immaculate condition. They cost me around $100 to $110 each and I am asking  $78  for each. Please add $5 for shipping within CONUS and fees if you purchase one or two, and $7 if you purchase more than two brushes. Let me know if you need more photos via PM.

Here is some info (left to right):

  1. Handle:  Chisel&Hound (former ThatDarnRob) ~60mm tall, moderate backbone
    Knot: Viking Odin's beard, 29mm diameter, 50mm loft

  2. Handle: Turn'N'Shave ~60mm tall
    Knot: Oumo "Hooks" - fully gelled, 27mm diameter, 47.5mm loft, moderate backbone

  3. Handle:  Prometheus ~60mm tall
    Knot: Oumo SHD Manchurian - soft tips , 28mm diameter, 45mm loft, strong backbone, not scrubby
  4. Handle:  Prometheus ~60mm tall
    Knot: Oumo SHD Manchurian - soft tips , 28mm diameter, 48mm loft, strong backbone, not scrubby
  5. Handle:  Prometheus ~60mm tall
    Knot: Oumo "Hooks" - gelled , 28mm diameter, 49mm loft, strong backbone

Thank you,

[Image: fsQIMxs.jpg]

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Choose any three of the five brushes in exchange for your BlackBird razor in black oxide or brass.

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Brushes 1, 2 and 5 are traded

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