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Hey all. I’m looking to move a few things along. All prices include CONUS shipping. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  Thanks for looking.


[Image: iIxFP0d.jpg][Image: 9lNHcOA.jpg]

- Hucklaration B4 26mm w/ box ($180) : The brush is in excellent condition, I just don’t use it much.

- Bristle Brushwerks/Declaration B4 26mm w/o box ‘Tigris’ ($180) : same as above. In excellent condition, just don’t reach for it.

- Epsilon Vie Long 2-band 26mm ($65) : very dense bulb knot. Great brush, but I find myself reaching for fan knots more these days.

[Image: wA7YsWs.jpg]

- Stirling 24mm Finest bulb w/ iridescent handle (SOLD)
- Semogue SOC Boar ($20) : already broken-in
- Frank Shaving 30mm Tuxedo synthetic ($20)

Take the Semogue SOC and Frank Shaving Tuxedo as one lot for $30 shipped


[Image: LPKQ7TJ.jpg]

- B&M White Label Roam (SOLD)
- B&M White Label Roam ($18) : ~ 95%
- B&M White Label Unscented (SOLD)
- Dr Jon’s Flowers In The Dark (SOLD)
- Ballenclaugh Festive Parlor ($14) : lathered 1-2x
- Declaration TSM Fougere (SOLD)

Rotbart Mond-Extra RFB w/ case
[Image: ppdnRYX.jpg][Image: fpYUEhz.jpg][Image: G8xr3Je.jpg][Image: 7YCOyig.jpg]
($65) : Great condition and tightens well. Wonderful shaver. Has slight plate loss on the handle and top of base plate with a little brassing in spots. Also one of the end teeth is ever so slightly bending inwards. No barrel cracks.

Rotbart Mond-Extra RFB razor [Image: or5ukVj.jpg][Image: TEOrHo9.jpg][Image: JW2gw61.jpg][Image: wt6XovG.jpg]
($50) : Razor is in great condition. Has slight plate loss, and a little brassing on the base plate, but no bent teeth or barrel cracks.
TSM Fougere SOLD. Added more brushes and another Rotbart.
Correction: the Epsilon brush has a Vie Long knot, not Rudy Vey. Apologies for any confusion.

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