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Hey all. I’m looking to move a few things along. All prices include CONUS shipping. I’m willing to ship international at actual cost. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, reasonable offers, or trades.  Thanks for looking.

[Image: iIxFP0d.jpg][Image: 9lNHcOA.jpg][Image: luKmg3l.jpg][Image: fUGWki8.jpg]

- Hucklaration B4 26mm w/ box ($175) : TRADED

- Bristle Brushwerks/Declaration B4 26mm w/o box ‘Tigris’ ($175) : same as above. Great brush, but I just don’t reach for it often.

- Epsilon Vie Long 2-band 26mm ($65) : TRADED

[Image: e0t2bvT.jpg]

- Semogue SOC Boar ($20) : already broken-in
- Frank Shaving 30mm Tuxedo synthetic ($20)

Take the Semogue SOC and Frank Shaving Tuxedo as one lot for $30 shipped

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I can’t believe these are still here. Excellent brushes at excellent values. mcqueen5 is a great guy!

If I didn’t already have a faux horn I’d be all over that huck.

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Huck B4 traded.

Bristle Brushwerks Tigris is still available, as is the Vie Long 2-band.
Vie Long traded.

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