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I have 6 brushes I would like to sell. These are all in excellent condition. (From left to right)

[Image: S3GfSMp.jpg]
[Image: u9TPuVo.jpg][Image: SN5pAzf.jpg]
(1) Leo Frilot Amboyna wood chubby style handle with 24mm Elite Razor 2 band finest fan knot (standard). $60 shipped to the US.

(2) Elite Razors two tone Amboyna wood Takamine handle with Elite Razors 26mm Manchurian fan. $100 shipped to the US.

(3) Leo Frilot Sand Ebonite chubby style handle with Maggard 26mm fan SHD knot. $125 shipped to the US.

(4) Oumo Shaving 26mm 2 band gel fan knot. $40 shipped to the US.

(5) Leo Frilot Brazilian Mottled Ebonite handle with Maggard 26mm fan SHD knot. $125 shipped to the US.

(6) Shavemac 26mm synthetic brush. The resin and shape were custom orders (jungle moss in Lotus style handle). $35 shipped to the US.

No trades please. I am selling some of my MANY brushes to make room for some other stuff. Let me know if you want to see closeups of any of the brushes and I can email them to you.

I am also adding for sale my excellent condition Timeless Razors .78 open comb bronze razor. No box. $110 dollars in the Timeless scratch and dent section. I am asking $90 shipped for this.

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PM Sent.

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Beautiful brushes Stephen, GLWTS

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