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FS : the following brushes.PayPal/Venmo and CONUS only.

None of these brushes are shedders and have been taking care of.

All brushes have been used gently and no shedders.If my prices are too high , please let me know.

1. shavemacs.Both of these brushes are using the silvertip 2 band from 2015 which has the gel alike tips.

The one on the left is a shavemac custom 2 band silvertip hair brush.This is an extra packed with hair brush , fan shaped knot and a knot of 26 mm with 54 mm loft.Its around 110 mm tall.Perfect for bowl lathering too.Asking 85 dollars for it.

SOLD ! The one on the right is a shavemac custom 2 band silvertip hair.Fan shaped with a 26 mm knot with extra hair and 52 mm loft.Approx 105 mm tall.Asking 90 dollars for it.

[Image: 84b4bc44f451ab114c118e90ade48962.jpg]

[Image: 36038c98e05f0d761da2ca018fbd7548.jpg]

2.Vie Long Epsilon silvertip and European two band.

The one on the right is a Vie Long Epsilon's Made in Spain European Two band badger.And when they call it European means that comes from the Meles Meles badger , not the Chinese hog badger and I know this for a fact.No longer made since the new ones aren't made by Vie Long.26 mm knot 55 mm loft.Asking 75 dollars for it.

SOLD ! The one on the left is a
-Vie Long Epsilon's Made in Spain 3 band badger.No longer made by Vie Long.Amazing , superb 3 badger band hair.Hard to find something natural as soft on the tips and such a great flow and backbone.26 mm knot and 50 mm loft.Asking 130 dollars for it.

[Image: e759c32d7029c9cb1287a1794f10ea99.jpg]

[Image: e8f0f89474ec79ee68c4d182fe298da6.jpg]

3.Doug Korn custom handles with shavemac silvertip and 2 band knot.

This one has a silvertip two band knot from 2016 and 25 mm knot and 52 mm loft.Total length is around 100 mm.Asking 75 dollars for it.

[Image: cb7ca3c66ec8dacf87be02ac037f612b.jpg]

[Image: 438cfa061515dcd928eb9aa7ea3cd49f.jpg]

This one is a  regular silvertip  from 2016 , 26 mm knot and 53 mm loft and a total length of 110 mm. Asking 75 dollars for it

[Image: d8a4a8387e1408ff445aa80f53e5e169.jpg]

SOLD 4.Plisson Palladium synthetic brush.

With the old synthetic fibre used by Plisson and an extra heavy handle.

Asking 65 dollars for it.

[Image: 78731f9723af15ec739c8b380421f685.jpg]

5.SOLD ! RazoRock silvertip

I believe this one has a 25 mm knot and 50 mm loft with a soft silvertip hair.Asking 25 dollars for it.

6.SOLD RazoRock synthetics

What you see on the pics. Asking 10 dollars per 1 , 15 per two , 20 per 3 , 25 per 4.

[Image: efb2e430121c045c368bcddb17de4117.jpg]

[Image: 258b01d7c0f6b4c592eb09b80f3481f5.jpg]

[Image: c8ef2a503f168ae04206323878c420b2.jpg]

Thanks for looking.
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For some odd reason I couldn’t upload two pics on the previous post :

SOLD ! Here is a pic of the RR silvertip :

[Image: ID8yVET.jpg]

And a second pic of the Doug Korn with silvertip hair :

[Image: J3IYiBw.jpg]

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Some very nice looking brushes. Love those 26 mm knots. The sweet zone.

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Another Doug Korn added :

25 mm Thater silvertip two band gel alike tips

The loft is 52 and bulb shaped.Total length is 112 mm.Extra soft tips , brilliant backbone and good flow.Perfect for face of bowl lathering the handle is really ergonomic.
Asking 75 dollars for it.

[Image: 6b797aa69adaccc9677413422f540d90.jpg]

[Image: 31f2844157223b4374211da04245d628.jpg]

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Bump with update of brushes sold
Bump with reduced prices on remaining items
Bump and prices have been reduced.

I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
San Antonio, TX
Would you take trade at all?
Bump and prices have been further reduced.
Further reductions in the Doug Korn shaving brushes (75 dollars each) , shavemac silvertip two band and Vie Long two band

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