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*BrewCity Grooming Clearance Sale!!!*

Hey everybody, as some may have seen I am currently changing over my packaging. Because of my Appreciation for Uniformity, I have decided to discount my 4 remaining old-pattern jars. Also, with the seasons changing I will be offering different scents in my Premium/Collaboration Line. So, those 5 jars I am also offering at Discount!!

**Edit: I almost forgot. The Premium Line's increased cost gets you a heavy glass jar, internal sealer cap, and my premium base which is higher in both lanolin and Roasted Walnut Oil. Everyone I've asked who uses them seems to love the conditioning aspect of this base especially. The "Whatsis" Base substitutes the Walnut for Hempseed oil, making it nut-allergy safe.**

Standard Line:
2x Bond No.9 Texas (Medium) *$13 shipped (label issues)

2x Tom Ford Fu**ing Fabulous (Medium-Firm) *$14 shipped*

Premium Line:
1x B&M Beaudelaire (Deep and Dark Fougere) (Med-Firm) *$21.50 Shipped*

3x B&M Vespers (Rich and Creamy Fougere with spice) (Med-Firm) *$21.50 Shipped*

2x B&M Behold the Whatsis (Childhood Memories Scent) (Firm "easier to wash" In-and-Out Oil Base) $22

Potential deals available for multiple purchases or bundling.

Thank you!

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