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Selling a Brad Sears LTD DFS brush
$135 now $120 shipped.

Pictures below
Is it a bulb? If so I will take it.
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It’s the Fan sorry.
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[Image: 00D36DC1-ABB6-4341-9963-CCA7DBD488A2_zpsqr2hxir6.jpg]

[Image: D9AB75F8-8CAA-4A72-ACE4-F4E30A5CEA46_zpsgcf3rrpu.jpg]
[Image: 224F1E1C-5B24-493C-9D0E-AC89D9C1AFA6_zpsxi82dftr.jpg]
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An excellent brush at an excellent price.

Used mine yesterday, a solid brush that feels like a pillow.


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Northern NJ
What are the specs on the brush? Knot size, loft, hair type?
Knot size is 28mm, It’s a Brad Sears select knot and I believe it’s 48/50mm

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