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San Antonio, TX
Very happy to announce the first release of our Standard Line!!

This line is meant to be a way to provide a quality product at a more accessible price point than our Premium Line, and to showcase the perfumery abilities of myself or of perfumers in the fragrance world.

In this case, the inspiration was a VERY expensive and hard to get fragrance: Texas from the house of Bond No.9. Chosen to pay homage to my temporary home that has already given me so much. In it we are dealing with a truly captivating Citrus-Floral; built with notes of:
Jasmine, Gardenia, Hedione, neroli, lily of the valley, mandarin, bergamot, pineapple, black currant, vanilla, musk, white pepper, cardamom, and vetiver.
I am very proud to say that this scent is incredibly accurate to the original. I have both the DUA version and a sample of the original and all 3 are identical to my nose.

This is a Medium-Firm OB product, with a medium shine and both an easy scoop as well as a smooth breakdown in the hands. While the ratio has been changed from that of our Premium offerings, this still has all of the same wonderful ingredients that I have chosen and believe in. Plenty of Lanolin and Avocado Oil make for a luxurious feeling during and after use, and our unique use of Roasted Walnut Oil offers numerous benefits for both hair and scalp.

The current price for our 4oz jar is $17 plus $3.75 S&H (tracked CONUS shipping to your door with USPS.) *After 1 jar, shipping is based first on weight until 16oz and then on the standard USPS Flat Rate prices.*

At BrewCity we are constantly working to offer the best value possible for our customers, and so it is our promise to you that we will continue to do everything in our power to continue that journey. In a VERY short time we have already come a very long way from our first ever release sold at just over $30 a jar!

We are still operating from our pages on Social Media rather than our own site or etsy store, for now. To order, please send a message or please comment below.

*Disclaimer: this product bears no direct/indirect relation to Bond No.9 Texas nor does it intend any use or misuse of its patents and/or copyrights. Picture is shown only as reference materials for the scent Inspiration.*

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