i love lamp
Hey guys, I got some stuff im trying to sell. Everything is shipping INCLUDED and will only be CONUS unless you pay for shipping to wherever you are :
I've got a Bon Vivant soap with AS, 2 salves & EDT. Pics show levels. Asking $65 shipped.

Oleo Soapworks Seibo - 2 Soaps, 1 AS. 1 soap used about 5x, AS used twice. 1 soap new. Asking $45 shipped

Mike's Pine & Cedarwood Puck (No Tin)used 2x $10 shipped

Mike's Coconut Aftershave Used 1x Asking $12 shipped


i also have a Declaration Grooming Bandwagon EdP i'd like to trade for another fragrance.

Thanks! Any questions please ask!

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Awesome guy. Buy with confidence!

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i love lamp
Thanks bud!

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